When faced with this question, New York-based real estate developers Macro Sea evinced some smart lateral thinking – and decided to tackle two other, pressing metropolitan issues in one fell swoop.

Initiated by the company’s CEO David Belt in 2009, the project transformed an abandoned junkyard into a “lo-fi” country club with lounge chairs, a boccia court, and three swimming pools made out of old dumpsters. After all, both abandoned or underused spaces and old dumpsters are available in the city – “they’re ubiquitous,” according to Jocko Weyland, project manager at Macro Sea.

With this in mind, Macro Sea decided to repurpose the city’s obvious eyesores – junkyard and dumpsters – into a welcome oasis and inspiration for further urban renewal projects.

The dumpsters, donated by a construction company, were cleaned, lined with plastic, and equipped with a filtration system to ensure that the water quality measured up to stringent pool standards.

From initial idea to professional implementation, these delightful retreats for urban water rats are now also available as mobile versions to spread the word to a larger crowd.

In 2010, the New York City Major’s Office invited Macro Sea to set up at the city’s third annual summer street event. Just a stone’s throw from Grand Central Station and the Park Avenue Viaduct, their mobile pools received a public outing and invited anyone in need of refreshment to dive right in.

Due to their great popularity and success at all sorts of locations and pop-up music events, Macro Sea is now working on a cost-effective way to bring these mobile pools to other cities, make the most of underused spaces – and treat people around the world to delightfully cool pool pleasures.

All photos, incl. the header image, by Macro Sea