Dear readers,
Bettery magazine is blowing out its first candle! As is well known, the short biography of a one-year-old is everything but boring: first tooth, first word, and first steps – all milestones a one-year-old can take pride in. Walking and speaking are two things bettery magazine is already pretty good at, and this first year has shown that it can also show its teeth.

And since the online world is moving at a much faster pace than the real world, we’ve made the impossible, possible: reaching adulthood in just one year. That’s exactly where bettery is at right now: it has grown to be a full-blown magazine, yet proudly presenting itself with both feet on the ground. No adolescent bitching about, no pimples and certainly no unpleasant body-odour, although the relaunch of the site has been quite a sweaty endeavour, turning the former blog format into a fully navigable online magazine.

What’s new at bettery magazine?
We are introducing new tabs on our Homepage, which will give you an immediate overall view of our contents and enable you to navigate comfortably through our virtual cosmopolitan jungle.

Under the menu item “news” you’ll find the latest news briefs and short format articles. We’ll be discussing current topics from our network and international cities. In here, you will also find noteworthy events we think are definitely worth attending.

Under the tab “stories” will be published thought-provoking stories and portraits. With detailed reports about international urban Hot Spots, this is also the place where you’ll find in-depth debates about city issues. Furthermore, you’ll be able to apply and participate in our photo contest “change of view” here (more info on that coming soon). And last but not least, the latest news about the smart ebike Design Tours are to be found here.

The “conversations” tab will be about sharing your thoughts and discussing various viewpoints. We’ll be carrying out interviews with exciting and relevant protagonists from the most wonderful cities. Discover our “question & answer” section, in which one personality or institution will be asking only one pertinent question to urbanists, who will in return lend themselves to the game by answering accordingly.

Furthermore, we’ll be introducing an entirely new tab called “columns”. To be found here are personal experiences, statements and thoughts on worldwide cities, shared by famous urban planners, editors and bloggers.

We sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy the new, more adult face of bettery magazine just as much if not more than the previous version. The website’s new structure has been designed so as to give you fast and easy access to all areas in the most straightforward way. Don’t forget to check out our world map, a great tool to go city hopping and embark on a virtual trip across the globe.

We are looking forward to your feedback, critique, praises and suggestions and wish you heaps of fun reading, discovering and experiencing our new site.

Recharge your urban mind.

Yours truly,
Reinhold Koehler (Editor in Chief).

header image: Jessie Null