The internet seems infinite – and the number of apps continues to rise. So, how to keep track of it all? Leave it to us! Every week, we reveal our top pick of the pack. This time in our spotlight: 1AM Mobile, a global guide to street art.

To some it’s vandalism, to others it’s the most refreshing thing to happen to art since Picasso began putting people’s noses where their mouths should be.

The app gives you precise directions to the latest art around you
Screenshot: Juliane Späte

But whether you like it or not, street art is a global phenomenon; one that has radically changed the way our cities look since its emergence in the USA 40 years ago. Now, one new app aims to collate the best street art from all over the world.

The brainchild of San Francisco gallery/urban art specialists First Amendment (1AM), 1AM mobile sells itself as the ultimate guide to global street art. Users are invited to snap pictures of pieces, upload their findings, tag and share these, and also comment on other members’ photos. The app also gives you precise directions to the latest art around you if you simply have to find the “new Banksy” before everyone else does.

Up to this point, 1AM mobile might still sound like a classic photo-sharing app and similar to our last featured app, Shotnote. But there is more to it: Think of it as an archive for street art in all its variations, collated and created by a global community.

Every picture is time-stamped, allowing users to retrace the evolution of each piece and location. By its very nature, street art can disappear overnight. Now, thanks to the 1AM mobile community, prime pieces are no longer forgotten, even when the local council has sandblasted them away. Everything remains documented and traceable.

Any artwork that’s visible from the street and free-to-see can be snapped and included. Don’t worry if your discovery has already been featured – just take a picture and upload it again. And thanks to the app’s timestamp, everyone will know that yours is the most up-to-date capture, bringing the competitive urban fun that’s so essential to street art and graffiti right to the palm of your hand.

For more information, check out the 1AM website or follow the urban artsters on Facebook or Twitter.

Price: free
System: iOS 5.1 or higher
Size: 8.6 MB

Header image: Juliane Späte