Running until the 16th of September, TRACK is presenting large-scale works by 41 artists from across the world, ranging from video and performance art to classical painting. Organized by SMAK, Ghent’s contemporary art museum, this citywide festival displays reflections on urban challenges and encourages visitors to think about urban diversity and complexity.

With Favela for Ghent, Tadashi Kawamata has built a favela comprised of temporary houses made of recycled pallets, wood and corrugated iron. The huddled grouping makes a problem visible: the need for shelter for the homeless, migrants and refugees who gather around Ghent’s main station.

Another kind of residence was created by Japanese artist Tazu Rous. Hotel Gent is a temporary hotel room built around the 100-year-old clock at Sint Pieters Station. Though it is already fully booked for night stays, TRACK visitors are welcome to enjoy it during the day.

Italian artist Massimo Bartolini used the combination of books and good wine as inspiration for his piece. He outfitted the vineyard of St. Peter’s Abbey with a pop-up, outdoor library, housing thousands of books that visitors can borrow, exchange or buy. The gigantic bookshelves are built in line with the vines and are supplemented by an array of tasty wines. Indeed, a great end to a day filled with art exploration!