To this end, artrmx organizes cultural events in Cologne and promotes young, contemporary, and international talents from a variety of disciplines. Against this background, artrmx [a:trı‘mıks] denotes the mixing and matching of different artworks, styles, and creative networks.

In January 2013, the society opened a complex of artist workshops in Cologne-Ehrenfeld as a new base for cultural and agency work, showrooms, networking, and organizing the biennial CityLeaks urban art festival.

artrmx projectspace
Photo: Ioanna Gogolin

CityLeaks – Cologne urban art festival

Last fall, the second CityLeaks urban art festival turned the entire city into a stage for contemporary urban art and creative interventions. Back in 2011, artrmx, Colorrevolution e.V., and more than 25 international and national artists had laid the foundation for a large outdoor gallery event, driven by the motivation to reclaim space for artistic endeavors in the public realm and to make art accessible to all.

With a refreshing disregard for specific media or disciplines, the festival’s 2013 edition showcased an exceptionally vast spectrum of artistic positions, genres, and styles. More than 30 representatives from fine, performing, and applied arts were encouraged to use the city as their canvas and extend the existent outdoor gallery by creating new, exciting artworks within the entire urban area of Cologne.

artmx artspace
Photo: Ioanna Gogolin

The festival’s theme, I’m Still Here – Being Public Indoors, explored the subject of urbanity on multiple levels in a single, central indoor exhibition in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Beyond numerous film screenings, guided tours, music events, and a symposium, 2013’s CityLeaks also featured plenty of scope for interaction as well as artist talks and urban art workshops.

As part of the CityLeaks Interacting Day, professional as well as amateur dancers, actors/actresses, and performance artists transformed Cologne into a large and public stage for contemporary art. The artists’ choreographies disrupted the city’s everyday activities to surprise passers-by with moments of confusion, joy, and interaction.

artrmx artspace
Photo: Ioanna Gogolin