Nowadays our society is characterized by its fast development and pace. The individual in an urban environment must adapt to these changes in order to keep up with the pace. Time becomes an important factor in our everyday lives. Thus fast and efficient transportation is necessary. We can no longer imagine doing without high-speed transportation routes, like highways. They give us the opportunity to travel great distances in a very short period of time. One can decide to drive in the right lane slowly and comfortably or to enjoy the freedom of speed by taking the fast track on the left. It is an urban symbol of mobility and freedom.

Ole Utikal asks: Do highways really simplify our lives?

Hannes Mussbach answers: The new location of the shortest “Autobahn” on Earth challenges the conventional use of the highway and opens it up to new interpretations and interactions. The “A0” became a meeting point, a dance floor, a place to rest, a picnic ground, a playground and much more.

In short, it became a place for cultural exchange and communication. It shows that a highway is more than just an efficient transportation method. It is a personal experience, an experience that differs from one individual to another.

The “A0” is a platform free of speed limits and time conventions–a platform where everyone is free to choose where to go and what to do, a platform that shows us that slowing down sometimes lets us take a break from the everyday and allows us to find a moment of silence and enjoyment on our urban streets. In this manner, highways do simplify our lives.