Last time I was in L.A I was 20 years old, and many fun memories from that time came to mind while I was on the plane a week ago. I was on a less-than-48-hour trip to the other side of the world, but I didn’t mind. The occasion was well worth it, and I was well excited: smart and Jeremy were launching their collaboration. I wanted to be one of the first people to see that car, and–of course–I didn’t want to miss the party. It was taking place at a very special location, The Jim Henson Company!

As I walked in, I bumped into The Misshapes, who were DJ’ing that night. We were talking, marveling at the effort everybody put into their outfits for the world premiere, and speculating about the look of this smart forjeremy cooperation when suddenly the lights went off and the stage exploded with color. A very recognizable voice started singing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. M.I.A was exclusively performing for the world premiere!

She sang my favorite songs, and right when “Paper Planes” was about to finish, the new smart forjeremy made its appearance on stage! Influenced by car culture in L.A., Jeremy is the first fashion designer who has changed the body of a car, and to me it looked like a little rocket ship! I wanted to jump in straight-away, but I held myself back, staring closely at this car fetish-fantasy that Jeremy had just made a reality.

As you can see in the pictures, the white and shiny new smart has an incredible, sharp exterior that contrasts with the cute and delicate white leather interior–it reminds me of an expensive handbag or a plane form the ‘50s. It surely contains that nostalgia for a future that never happened. After a little introduction to the car from Jeremy and the smart team, The Misshapes started DJ’ing, and we all celebrated this wonderful collaboration. Well done to the smart family and congratulations to Jeremy. I just can’t wait to see this car on the street!