A must for anyone coveting a slice of Mitte vogue, Baerck is a fashion boutique that offers customers a discerning view on current trends with its distinguished collection from local and international designers. Since opening in 2007, the store’s elegant, utopian aura has lured many an aesthete onto the jagged rocks of the red end of their credit card balance.

Extending their scope beyond wearable fashion to include designer housewares, Baerck put on a special exhibition during DMY titled “In House Objects.” The collection featured prestigious designers from sharply contrasting backgrounds, and revealed the often untold stories behind the entire working process of their individual pieces, from conception through to finished product.

Design studio 45 Kilo paid homage to Germany’s First Food with their minimalistic, functional bread boxes, and Postfossil — a Swiss artist collective — showcased a wide spectrum of environmentally and socially conscious pieces all cut from the same basic mould.