Aric Chen asks: What will define a city as being beautiful in the future?
Esther Perbandt answers: To me, a city in the future can only apply as beautiful to all participants, if each of the inhabitants interacts with the city and the borders between man and material become fluent.

Citys become bigger, compact and more narrow. Infrastructure and activities become more perfect, the pace of information flow rises, get more intense and more difficult to handle by each individual. The pressure of coping these developments and of growing lonely is already on a larger scale. Cities seem to already be alike. How could one know where your home is?

A city in the future can only apply as beautiful, if it manages to make each of us feel at home. The city has to offer us intimacy and individualism, something personal and familiar and something to smile about.

A city is beautiful, if its inhabitants find space for personal freedom, a personal oasis, are allowed to carry their lives in its own hands. Everyone should be able to loveingly engage with the default and create a small piece of daily happiness by taking over responsibility.