Fancy a change from “Last Christmas” or “Jingle Bells”? The smart Christmas song “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” has the same instant-hit potential – and it’s definitely more fun! So, try your own hand at mixing this season and share the joy.

Christmas is all about tradition – but also about delightful surprises. So, why do we keep spinning the same old songs? smart decided to change all that with its Sound of Christmas special: Delve right in to discover brand new soundscapes, add your own personal mix, and surprise your loved ones with a musical e-card.

How does it all work? In terms of melody, smart gave the 19th century Christmas carol “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” a contemporary makeover. Responsible for the new 2015 feel are three protagonists: Among them singer Graham Candy, otherwise known as the voice behind Alle Farben’s hit “She Moves,” who not only provided all the lovely vocals, but also tried his capable hand at guitar, bass, and keyboards for this update.

Vocals by Graham Candy, drums by smart

In the studio, he is joined by a festive discoball smart fortwo, which adds the beat of its doors, wipers, and indicators to the mix. And the third part of this groovy equation is – you!

Users are welcome to remix the track for their very own version of Christmas bliss. And there’s no need for nerdy know-how – the whole thing is easier than baking or wrapping gifts. Just use the four fields to select tracks and pick your preferred instruments or vocals.

smart christmas graham candy christmas ornaments
The voice behind the smart Christmas special: New Zealand-born singer Graham Candy
smart christmas graham candy making of
smart christmas graham candy screen
smart christmas graham candy camera
smart christmas graham candy filmset
smart christmas discoball smart setup

Users can remix 512 versions of the track

With this set-up, any musical wish list is just a few clicks away: Whether chill guitar pop, romantic piano ballad, a capella choir with Graham, or pulsating karaoke instrumental for your homespun caroling experience – up to 512 (!) different versions can be coaxed from the time-honored “Jolly Old St. Nicholas.”

Like the mix? Then feel free to turn your oeuvre into a personal gift: Just download the song, create an e-card, and beam it to your favorite people.

So, happy mixing, sharing, and surprise-filled holidays!

You want to create your own Christmas song? Click here to get started!

All images incl. the header image: Kike