Use the Switch Skate Guide to find the perfect place for that kick-flip – and sharing tricks with fellow skate fans.

While cities are great playgrounds for skateboarders, it’s all about finding the best places to flex your skills. The Switch Skate Guide lets you tap into a global community to share your favorite skate spots, meet fellow skaters, and upload photos and videos of you pulling off your most impressive stunts.

As the Switch Skate Guide is all about online community, you start by creating a profile and following others to see what they’re up to. Just like other social networks, the app allows you to like and comment on posted photos and videos.

Yet the app’s most useful feature is its map of great skate spots: It’s like a travel guide just for skating. Here, you can rank recommended spots and leave notes to share your own experiences. Maybe, you’ll come across an empty Californian swimming pool where you can finally channel your inner Dogtown and Z-Boys.

If you discover something amazingly skateable that’s not yet on the map, just drop a pin on the location to share your find with everyone else. This is what makes the app work so well – the overall spirit of collaboration.

Switch Skate Guide was developed by a design agency based in Sao Paolo so it’s mainly in Portuguese and English, but users come from all over the world. It’s a real global community, powered by a love for skating.

For more information on Switch Skate Guide, check out the website or follow them on Facebook!

Region: Worldwide
Price: free
System: iOS 6.0 or higher/Android 2.3 or higher
Size: 17.4 MB/6,6 MB

Header image: Eli Christman, CC BY 2.0 via Flickr