You’ve already been everywhere and seen everything? Think again. Check out our favorite hangouts of 2017, scattered between Austin, Oslo, Amsterdam, and Madrid.

Essentiel Lifestore, Marseille

Elodie van Zele looking at a soap bar at Essentiel Lifestore
Sustainable beauty products and fashion in Marseille.
Photo: Steffen Jahn

“A friend opened the Essentiel Lifestore in the vaults of Marseille’s historical boat- and warehouses. It’s a boutique for vegan fashion, sustainable products, and recycled items. It also includes a small coffee bar run according to zero-waste principles. That’s the new Marseille!“

Elodie van Zele, blogger and journalist

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Jardin Raymond VI, Toulouse

Mahell de Narval driving
Toulouse’s central and popular park: Park Jardin Raymond VI.
Photo: Steffen Jahn

“The Jardin Raymond VI park in the western part of Toulouse is not only a fantastic spot for soaking up some springtime rays: People have also built a new hothouse for urban gardening – i. e. a movement that’s obviously dear to my heart as a foodie and amateur chef.”

Mahell de Narval, artist and tattoo artist

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Bluespoon, Amsterdam

Susam Pang looking at the cookie selection at Bluespoon
Cookies and coworking: Bluespoon in Amsterdam.
Photo: Miquel Gonzales

“I go to Bluespoon – it is a restaurant and bar on the bottom floor of Andaz Hotel on Prinsengracht. The overall vibe is like a relaxed lounge. Bluespoon just started this work community for bloggers and freelancers, so it is where you can be productive and be in an environment of like-minded people, which I love. The interior design is done by renowned Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. Try one of Bluespoon’s signature cookies.“

Susam “Sam“ Pang, author of the food blog

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Shanghai Bistro, Amsterdam

Susam Pang eating at Shanghai Bistro in Amsterdam
Authentic Chinese cuisine: Shanghai Bistro.
Photo: Miquel Gonzales

“I have to show you Shanghai Bistro. They only opened up a month ago. I heard of the scheduled opening and wrote about it and the team invited me for a test dinner. The interior wasn’t even finished but they opened up just for me and my boyfriend and we had dinner with Tim, one of the owners. He also runs a taco stand in the Foodhallen, an indoor street food market. Francis is working the kitchen. After spending time in Singapore, where he saw all the chefs cooking behind windows at street level, he wanted to do the same. That’s why Shanghai Bistro has their kitchen in the front.”

Susam „Sam“ Pang, author of the food blog

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Vippa, Oslo

singer Fanny Anderson having a drink at Vippa in Oslo
Vippa: Oslo’s indoor street food market.
Photo: Steffen Jahn

“One of my favorite places is Vippa – it’s a street food market in an old warehouse at Oslo harbor. There’s everything from pizza to Thai food and burgers. But you absolutely have to try the Norwegian salmon. It’s the best. There’s a place that serves it in sushi bowls – delicious.”

Fanny Andersen, singer

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Sahara Lounge, Austin

Mobley parking in front of the Sahara Lounge in Austin
Authentic Austin: Sahara Lounge.
Photo: Ashley Park

Sahara Lounge is a place that feels like what you see is what you get. It doesn’t have that pressure that a lot of bars have, you can just go hang out. People dance, but not just because they’re trying to be seen. It’s a nightlife spot that’s my speed, there’s diversity of age and race, and the vibe is good.”

Mobley, musician

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Plaza Dos de Mayo, Madrid

John Grvy at Plaza Dos de Mayo in Madrid
A relaxed afternoon in Malasaña, Madrid.
Photo: Thomas Motta

“This part of Madrid is called Malasaña – it’s where I hang out the most with my friends. A lot of them live here. There’s always something going on in this square – at night it’s really buzzing. There are skaters, painters, and musicians, and you can actually sit here and just buy a beverage from a Chinese vendor.”

John Grvy, singer and songwriter

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Reina Sofia, Madrid

singer John Grvy in Madrid
There’s no way around Reina Sofia museum in Madrid.
Photo: Thomas Motta

“The Reina Sofia, Madrid’s museum for 20th century art, is one of the city’s main attractions. What most people don’t know is that on most days, entry is free after 7pm. So, I often come here with my girlfriend to get some inspiration for my music.”

John Grvy, singer and songwriter

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