Hinterhof design studio, Bettenbartmann, officially opened their doors for the first time to the public during DMY for a special exhibition of one-of-a-kind pieces from their roster of local furniture and product designers.

The collection focused on refined approaches to everyday furniture — spanning the interior to the exterior.

Bettenbartmann Berlin

Take the “Utensilo” stationary containers from Silvia Terhedebrügge and Robert Zeise as one example: these little beauties — minimalist in form with just a splash of colour — are primed to bring a little neon sunshine to even the dullest of office desks.

DMY 2013 Berlin

And Lasse Schnack’s outdoor furniture piece, “Grit”, was something of a swiss army knife for the garden space. The wire-framed, wooden-topped piece with connected canvas containers can be split apart, stacked up or reassembled in a split-second — depending on if you need some additional seating or a little extra storage space. And it’s fireproof to boot, so you can even use it as a BBQ if you’re short of something to grill your Wursts on.

Bettenbartmann Berlin 2013

Flaunting funky furniture wasn’t the only thing on the team’s agenda here, though — they also manned a makeshift bar at their “Grand Café Place d’Armand”; handing out espressos and Kuchen-a-plenty to help fire riders along the homeward stretch.