If you prefer to see something off the beaten track, however, I would recommend visiting the Macro. This exceptional haven of contemporary art will not only place you in shoulder-rubbing distance with the Italian capital’s cool and collected intellectual crowd, but also give you the chance to experience this year’s utterly impressive architectural Big Bambú installation.

Conjured up and created by a duo of brothers and artists, Mike and Doug Starn, Big Bambú provides visitors with a unique artistic and visual experience. Constructed from hundreds of bamboo poles, lashed together to form a complex, walkable architectural structure replete with pedestrian highways, this precious, yet precarious installation also includes a stage able to accommodate 40 people. Curator Francesco Bonamo, who invited the brothers to transform the museum’s courtyard, describes the result as follows. “It is not a piece that could simply be called ecological. It is biological. From first concept and realization to its ultimate fruition, this piece has always been alive. It is an organism that transforms, moves, and adapts itself to natural time as if it were human time. It is an organism that grows – not in dimensions but in sensations.“

Big Bambú in Rome
Big Bambú in Rome

Big Bambú gives the city of Rome a perfect “anti-monument.” Something that might irritate visitors with its irregularity instead of just pleasing – and something that radically transforms the traditional Macro location through its dizzying complexity. So, if you are anywhere near Rome before the end of the year, please take the time to visit this free and free-spirited installation.

Via Nizza 138
00198 Roma / Italy
Open: 11am – 9pm, Tuesday to Sunday

Text by Claudio Rimmele
All photos, incl. the header image, Doug + Mike Starn