As part of an ongoing series, Takashi Kitajima explores a new take on urban photography: He uses bokeh, a blurring technique that conjures up new aesthetic qualities. “Originally, I created a lens mount adapter for miniature photography. But then I discovered that it also made night scenes very special. I was immediately taken by this special look,“ states Kitajima to explain how he came up with his specific approach.

Experiencing the city by night has become a regular part of Kitajima’s life. Curiously enough, he tends to get left alone the most in the busiest places. “They don’t care one bit if I am there with my tripod. I can enjoy the night view, have a beer, and just sit there from dusk till dawn.“

His pictures transform the city into a magical set and conjure up a sense of mystery. With colorful blurred dots of light covering most of his images, the latter almost resemble abstract paintings. Only a fragment of the original motif remains in focus, making it hard to guess the depicted city. “Most places I capture are within Tokyo,“ reveals Kitajima. Immersed in a sea of shining lights, the Asian metropolis provides the perfect backdrop for his skill and the unique bokeh technique. “Flying into Tokyo one night, I realized what a rich source of light the city can be. But then there are many other cities like this. I look forward to capturing Singapore, Dubai, Seoul, and New York – someday, I would love to go there.“

Text: Lia Pack
All photos, incl. the header image: Takashi Kitajima