Helping build resilience in local communities, the Transition network shares low-carbon living solutions across the world. In the UK the B£ was preceded by the original Totnes Pound, the Lewes Pound in Sussex and the Stroud Pound in Gloucestershire.

Launched by the Brixton Transition Town group in 2009, the B£ was recently rebranded by the design agency This Ain’t Rock n Roll. It has produced a fantastically funky fluorescent set of notes featuring local artworks and architecture, and Brixton icons such as the basketball star Luol Deng and David Bowie as Aladdin Sane. the b£ can be exchanged one for one with British pounds at designated issuers and then spent in independent local shops to encourage the growth of the local economy.

While the B£ and other transition currencies are very specifically local, there is a move by the transition network to create an online banking service for this group of local currencies. The B£ already has an “e-currency ” which allows people to make payments via texts from their mobile phones, but now transition is working with The New Economics Foundation and the Dutch complementary currency foundation QOIN to build a more comprehensive digital infrastructure. Transition Currency 2.0 will increase flexibility in trading and help monitor the circulation of currencies amongst businesses and users.

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