A giant monster storms through Bangkok, dousing buildings and rivers with color—this is the video introduction organizers of BUKRUK have released for the first large-scale street art festival in the Thai capital.

Three Bangkok-based firms came together to organize the international festival: Toot Yung Gallery, graphic design group Nemo Studio and the up-and-coming BKK Arthouse gallery. BUKRUK’s roster includes leading local artists such as Alex Face, Rukkit and MAMAFAKA, as well as rising talent: Unchalee Anantawat, P7 and Yuree Kensaku. As reps for Europe, France’s Nicolas Barrome and Amandine Urruty, Spain’s Aryz and the UK’s Ben Eine, among others, made their way to Asia.

The exhibition at BACC will be running until March 17, 2013, but the public pieces will hopefully remain up longer. BUKRUK is slated to become an annual festival and help support Bangkok’s emerging street art scene. Visit their website for more pictures, videos and updates.