In their recently released book, editors Robert Klanten, Stephan Bohle and Sven Ehmann take a closer look at those representations that got it right. Cause and Effect: Visualizing Sustainability assembles a selection of campaigns, posters, brochures, guerrilla marketing strategies and other visual interventions aimed at spreading a more conscious lifestyle among a wide range of audiences.

In its light-hearted, fun way, the book calls for a change in the way we promote sustainability. The colourful collection stresses the importance of visual communication in reaching the most people and emphasizes the problems often overlooked and ignored. Graphics, illustrations and photographs are mixed here, in sewing a path for encouraging sustainability broadly. The editors chart a mode to help change views about our world. Representations such as these, with a human scale and scope, are what will eventually convince people to act responsibly and understand our role in a sustainable future.

Cause and Effect: Visualizing Sustainability is published by gestalten