I imagined a city a hundred times bigger than this little village with the same concept. Imagine how the summer will be without all that concrete. How the kids will grow up and the older people will enjoy their last years.

Marcelo Burlon asks: How would a city look like without concrete?
Aram Dikiciyan answers: Throughout the life over there he found that things are generally rather unpredictable but definitely either interesting to thrilling or surprising to wondrous thus a little predictable then again.

He dealt with the inconceivable which allowed him to catch a glimpse of what he called then the futurity of his own: Fragments of what could be or how it could look like.

He never knew exactly what it was but it provided an insight into what could have been.

So what would he have imagined about tomorrow?

Life to consist of dark days and bright nights?
Or rather bright days and blinding nights?
Reflective surfaces, glowing and pumping?
Intermittent pulsating conducting the rhythm of time?
Busy veins but orderly?
Kindness? Goodness? Awkwardness?
Frequent beauty?