Please complete the following sentence: We love living in Cologne because …
… no other city has as many cultural assets. The music scene, especially, is extremely rich and vibrant: We cannot think of a comparable place that offers musicians as many opportunities as Cologne. And Cologne is the world’s biggest village – here, everyone knows each other. A lifestyle we really love and enjoy.

What is the city’s foremost strength?
No other city in the world has been sung about more often. Cologne is excellent at blowing its own trumpet.

cat ballou, smart FOR Köln

What about Cologne’s most obvious challenges?
The biggest challenge would be to preserve our traditions and keep the local Kölsch dialect alive. That’s our ambition when we take to the stage: We want to get people excited about their own dialect and hometown.

Do you have a solution?
You should never forget your roots because they shape you, giving you character and personality. People who stand by Cologne do so whole-heartedly.

And finally … what is your favorite place in the city?
Our favorite place: the Rheinpark at sunset …

cat ballou, smart FOR Köln

Interview: Alexandra Schade
All the photos, incl. the header image: Robert Winter