Born in Kansas, Missouri, Jeremy discovered his love of fashion early on: “I was always designing outfits or adapting clothes from second hand shops”. At the age of 14, he took evening classes in French, his sights set firmly on Paris – the world’s fashion capital. In 1992, he first went to New York to study fashion design at the Pratt Institute, one of the leading schools of art and design in the USA. After graduating in 1996, he made a beeline for Paris to launch his design career at the tender age of 21.

Creating fashion was his dream and his driving purpose in life. Just one year later, Jeremy Scott established his own brand, debuting with his first catwalk show in a brasserie near the Bastille. In his first collection, entitled “Body Modification”, he presented asymmetric trousers and couture dresses made of paper and plexiglas. Scott’s aesthetic eccentricities soon made him a superstar in France and a recognised name on the international fashion scene. In 1996 and 1997, he won the “Venus de la Mode Award” for the “Best New Designer” and was nominated for the “Best Young Designer” award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 1999. In 2001, the award winning designer returned to the USA to take up residence in Los Angeles.

Scott’s fashion is characterised by its sharp, colourful and extravagant stylings and strong avantgarde leanings, such as shell shaped swimming suits or colourful coats made of hair. One wellknown feature of Scott’s work is the iconic and humorous prints displayed all over his clothes. Owing to his love of pop culture icons such as Mickey Mouse, he has been dubbed the Jeff Koons of the fashion world. Scott is virtually unique in his ability to channel trivial culture into high art.