Lidewij Edelkoort asks: How can we come together?
Jean Cazals answers: I believe that the purpose of our life is dictated by love, care and sharing. These are the essential factors to make people come together even more nowadays where we live in big cities but not always closer in spirit. It’s a difficult task as we are getting more and more selfish even so we are trying our best to save the world and its inhabitants!

I’m a food photographer and for me people are like ingredients. Our society is a recipe. To work successfully, the ingredients have to match in flavour, texture, cooking and even through their contradictions, which you can see more and more in our world cuisine, which made us discover new flavours.

Through my four pictures I want to show:
‘Love and Care’. The macaron is held by chocolate like a couple by love and attraction. Care is the rose, protecting the fragility of the chocolate, like people caring for weaker ones.

The other analogy is in my two other pictures:
‘Sharing’ with the cutleries. That is the other way of coming together. Through our ages, parents and children. Fork, knives, spoons. And as well through the mixing of races and origins . Happening more and more through our travelling. Here represented by the similarity of chard of glass and chocolate. Similar in shapes but not in texture.

This is my philosophical approach to coming together via the medium of food and photography in a very modern, direct way