Lidewij Edelkoort asks: How can we come together?
Judith Klausner answers: Boston, like all cities, evolved organically. What started out as a collection of isolated neighbourhoods began to overlap and mesh, as sights, smells and tastes were exchanged and integrated.

We began to put a face to those who had previously been strangers. And after a face, the sound of voices raised in song through an open window, and the taste of a family recipe passed down through generations, at the restaurant on the corner.

Strangers became people, people became neighbours, and then friends, and then family. Spices from one continent begin to flavour dishes from another, in the giant potluck that is Boston.

I believe – and hope – that this will only become more true as time goes on. Each new spice, each new note, enriches our city. Like a good meal, cities bring people together.