Lidewij Edelkoort asks: How can we come together?
Telse Bus answers: Are we not together? Are we not connected? The funny thing is, that most of the time we look and search for the differences. When we travel, we love to eat the food of a foreign country, smell other spices and watch how they prepare the food and the dining ritual?

We are interested, what kind of music another culture is listen to, how is a typical home decoration? I think because we understand us and the common idea – our universal motivation of understanding and creating the world. Either if it is in art, food, music, philosophy or other science, the motivation of all is the same.

If we look to the cultural site of food, we´ll find in most cultures dishes like

  • meat cutted in cubes as „Ragouts-Gulasch-Curry´s
  • sour marinated vegetables like pickles-kimchi-cornichons-sabsi-essigfrüchte etc.
  • We dry fish, meat or vegetables
  • We make cheese, sausages or ham
  • From leftovers we serve stews and soups
  • All cultures have bread in different forms, from different doughs, it´s filled or stacked, sweet or salty, in a religious context or just for fast food
  • We all cook, fry, stirr, steam, mash, cut, cure, pickle
  • So even if we look for differences, we look for the common.
    In Berlin, we have the historical situation, that most of the people are new here, with different cultures, political backgrounds and religious education.
    We live together in one big city and we are influenced by each other.

    Let´s create universal dishes or meals, based on the beauty of flora & fauna, get the essence and flavour of it and combine them together, like a song of flavours.

    Conceptual chef and foodstyling: Richard Uschold

    Photo: Michael Bennett