Lidewij Edelkoort asks: How can we come together?
Andrew Stellitano answers: My concept is influenced by the idea of pairing food and flavor to individual palettes in the same way ingredients are scientifically paired and creatively processed to compliment and enhance each other.

The immersive environment of the future city will be explored through multi sensory integration, the ability to use our unique taste profiles to navigate will allow the future city to become an experience tailored to mood and emotion at a particular time.

As we explore the internet we create a unique pattern of decisions through an almost infinite infrastructure of choice, from which our digital world can be further expanded with information of relevance. As our physical and digital worlds merge our taste profiles will be digitally mapped, this will inform and alter the sensory stimuli that saturate our physical world.

Synaesthetic communication has the potential to convert our visual and audio world in to an experience we could taste which would evoke memory or feelings stored in our sub conscious.

My visuals are influenced by Neuroimaging.