Lidewij Edelkoort asks: How can we come together?
Victoria Granof answers: More than that, I have used the technique of the teleidoscope to view my subjects. I believe that if we can regard each other as the multidimensional beings that we are, seeing the many different facets of our characters, we will better be able to appreciate the beauty in each other, most especially those things we share and have in common.

What better place to capture all of New York’s many and varied denizens than shopping for food in the greenmarket? Here is where we all meet to buy our daily bread; the food that nourishes our minds and our bodies; where ten people can buy the same simple potato and it may become bangers and mash to the Irish-American, gnocchi to the Italian-American, Aloo-gobi to the Pakistani-American, and Lefse to the Norwegian-American – at once tying us to each other and to our roots in other lands.