Curious about the latest cycle-tastic trends? Up your cycling game with these 7 to-bes: Our hand-picked innovations pave the way for future rides. Right now, people in cities all across Europe enjoy flexible bike sharing schemes, Amsterdam keeps getting more bike-friendly, and London boasts entire cycle superhighways. So, saddle up and enjoy the exciting ride with our pick of seven trailblazing two-wheel projects.

1. Be Safe

City life means living in the fast lane, so if you are going to ride, make sure to put safety first. For example, with the Swedish Hövding, one of the most advanced cycle helmets we have ever seen, or should we say … never seen? Inspired by a car airbag, this helmet emerges on impact – and only then. When it’s not an airbag saving your life, it simply doubles as a scarf: Being safe has never looked this effortless. Another great safety innovator is Future Cities Catapult. Their gadget prototypes such as a head-up display in a helmet visor are designed to establish a hyper-connection between cyclists and the surrounding ecosystem, thus enhancing cycle-safety and experience for all.

2. Be Electric

The future is electric when it comes to transport – and e-bikes lead the current e-innovation revolution. It simply makes sense to link advanced technology with outstanding design, sports with transportation, and energy with movement. From wheel to steer, this is exactly what the smart ebike has done. An obvious choice for progressive riders, the smart ebike is the perfect choice for quick rides across the city. “Anyone can zip through town on it with or without exerting themselves – depending on their fitness level and as the mood takes them,” according to smart CEO Dr. Annette Winkler. Cycling towards a cleaner world and healthier populace, e-cycling is driving us further – and faster than ever.

3. Be Fast

Anyone up for speed, not steroids? This latest speed boost is not about adding extra power to your software, but rather to your cycling hardware. The Copenhagen Wheel aka Speed Pedestrian transforms your bike into a machine, multiplying your pedal power by up to the power of ten. The bike’s perfect add-on all-in-one wheel provides a personal hybrid muscle, without invading the body. Speed up, hard-core.

4. Be Supported

Good design works with the elements, not against it. As such, the Trampe CycloCable is an example of great design. The world’s first bicycle lift for urban areas pushes bikes up tough hills previously unscaled by intrepid cyclists. The first prototype was built along a 130 m long hill in Trondheim in 1993. Since then, the lift has taken more than 200,000 cyclists up the Norwegian city’s hill. Besides being one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions, this hugely practical innovation has recently been industrialized for hill-use all over the world. So, expect to see cyclists ascending new heights everywhere … including those tough San Francisco climbs?

The Trampe CycloCable is the world’s first bicycle lift
Photo: Design Management AS

5. Be Stored

Life might never stand still when you are cycling, but sometimes we do need to eat and sleep. Urbanites like to take their time-out in prime locations – a fact honored in Sweden where bikes, and those who ride them, are a clear priority. “The city of the future is not one built around the car as a means of transportation,” states Roger Mogert, Stockholm’s city planning commissioner. In this spirit, the city’s newest parking spot is bike-only. Designed by Belatchew, the storage space was created for a green future where a stop is not just a break, but an experience in itself, making the most of city space and the latest transportation trend.

6. Be Sustainable

Cycling, really, is all about mobility. Moving concepts, driving the world forward – Copenhagen art collective N55 considers cycling both a means of transportation and a vehicle for change. Their XYZ Cargo and Parkcycle swarm initiatives expand minds by expanding the scope of cycling. Whilst Parkcycle brings more green to the cityscape by literally covering bikes in grass, XYZ Cargo helps to transport goods and people, lowering shipping-related emissions.

The Parkcycle swarm is a mobile green space by Copenhagen art collective N55
Photo: N55
Photo: N55
Photo: N55
Photo: N55

7. Be Sexy

Looking good might be overrated and at the end of most lists, but confidence is underrated. If we roam the city on wheels, those wheels should better be sexy. Right now, the coolest urban cycle manufacturers are local, young, and dynamic: They build bikes to impress and save riders money in the process. According to London-based Kennedy city bicycle manufactures the perfect urban bicycle offers “the right balance of reliability, beauty, practicality, and value for money.” To them, sexiness is all about high-quality simplicity. But because taste is invariably subjective, customers get to design the details. Feel like upping the style ante even further? Try an eye-catching bamboo bike to leave the pedaling masses behind!

smart magazine Kennedy Bicycles
The coolest urban cycle manufacturers are local – like the Kennedy city bicycles
Photo: Jonathan Cherry


Header image: lamono magazine