Today a lot of metropolises are engaged with electro mobility and sustainable architecture. It is very interesting to see how this is going to change the cityscape.

Jörg Suremann asks: Designers are working in public spaces. How is this going to influence cities in the future?
Joan Vendrell answers: When you are walking in the streets of Barcelona you can feel and see the history of the Catalan country. I’ve been working in down town of Barcelona now for 3 years and I love it. Every season the city changes but especially the summer is the most splendorous time.

In Las Ramblas you can find live performances, human statue art and artists who will draw your portrait or caricature. The spirit of the city is everywhere. Close to the Rambla there are a lot of narrow streets, “El Born” (the old city) is an important neighborhood with a lot of restaurants, bars and the Picasso Museum. Near the Columbus Monument the Rambla ends and the Maremagnum with the sea and the new face of Barcelona starts.

Barcelona is full of old and modern influences. You can see Romanic ruins next to the new Agbar Tower with an impressive cylindrical design. You can find Designers working in public spaces as well. I work frequently in the old side of the city and for me it’s the most important and interesting face of Barcelona.



I feel as an international correspondent by taking pictures of Barcelona, I am proud to be able to explain our Catalan history and be optimistic of our future and also explain our special sensibility for the old and new designs.