The internet seems infinite – and the number of apps continues to rise. So, how to keep track of it all? Leave it to us! Every week, we reveal our top pick of the pack. This time in our spotlight: Shotnote, an app that is so much more than just another photo sharing platform.

Do you ever find yourself passing an amazing spot – or enjoying a fantastic meal – and getting the urge to share this special moment or find with your friends? In a way that makes the sharing more personal than simply spreading the word on Facebook or Foursquare? Do you ever miss the immediate thrill of those childhood scavenger hunts? Well, if any of this sounds familiar, we have some very good news for you: Shotnote!

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“Leave a shot. Leave a note”
Photo: Shotnote

Leave a shot. Leave a note. According to the app’s makers, the whole thing is as simple as that. And while this free helper might look or sound like just another photo sharing app, it is infinitely more fun. Shotnote lets you take a pic or a video, tag the location – and then leave it up to your friends to discover this gem by themselves. In the spirit of a true treasure hunt, the app only alerts them to your shot once they are near the selected spot.

Thanks to the power of the crowd, this allows you to (re-)discover your own city or help others to explore it in a whole new way. Maybe pass a secret spot on your way to work every day – without ever knowing it is there? Perhaps you are missing out on a fancy eatery, an unknown public space, or a spectacular photo op? Or maybe you just want to brighten a friend’s day by tagging a picture of your smiling face close to their place of work? The sky (or your imagination) is the limit: Why not show and share your love through a pic of the spot where you first met your special someone … all infused with the fun of a modern-day scavenger hunt. If you like, you can even add a helpful teaser with the general distance and direction of your visual surprise.

For more information, check out the Shotnote site or follow them on Facebook or Twitter. And then: get clicking!

Price: free
System: iOS 7.0 or higher
Size: 24.3 MB

Header image: Shotnote