First up, there is the Foment de les Arts i el Disseny (FAD), a non-profit, independent, and private institution dedicated to promoting design and architecture within Barcelona’s culture and economy. Here, the FAD rubs shoulders with the Barcelona Centre del Disseny (BCD), which has made it its mission to further the political definition of design and ensure that it plays a role in government’s strategy, but also plans and promotes events that help to protect design and business innovation through design. Last, but not least, DHUB also houses the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona – the city’s official design museum comprising dedicated spaces for decorative arts as well as textiles and clothing among other permanent and temporary exhibitions. Still young, but already brimming with projects and life, the Disseny Hub Barcelona has been the main spot for design-related cultural, economic, and social events in the Catalan capital since 2013.

Museum: Disseny de Barcelona
Disseny de Barcelona, photo: dhub

In order to become a one-stop destination for people and organizations with – tenuous or concrete – links to design, DHUB focuses on sharing information and encouraging relevant research and economic activity through its own resources as well as continuous analysis of the current design landscape. Boasting an innovatively distributed public library and support by Barcelona’s government, it works hard at keeping Barcelona at the forefront of international design.

Matching the project’s ambitious approach, the DHUB building takes daring and contemporary construction to a new level. Surrounded by expansive garden areas, the superstructure enjoys pride of place at Plaça de les Glòries, rubbing shoulders with many recently erected edifices that have turned the city into a hub of creativity, business innovation, and educational campaigns with a sustainability and technology focus. Among the new architectural arrivals: Torre Agbar, the Media-TIC building, and the new site of the ancient flea market, Els Encants Vells. The DHUB structure was built by Oriol Bohigas of prestigious studio MBM Arquitectes and defines current Catalan and Spanish culture with its outstanding facilities and sustainable nature. Offering a cool 27,000 m2, 70 % of the building’s floor space remains underground, thus greatly reducing its impact on public space.

The Disseny Hub Barcelona is where knowledge and culture meet and mingle. Beyond performances and events open to the public, future exhibitions and activities will allow kids and adults to benefit from design’s latest advantages and wonders to spread inspiration and education. A meeting point for new talents, professionals, and anybody who cares about design, Barcelona’s latest creative hotspot deservedly generates sky-high expectations – and hints at a more than promising future.

Text: Bea Salas (lamono magazine)
Pictures: Maud Sophie Andrieux (lamono magazine)

Header image: dhub