Dopios, meaning local in Greek, connects tourists with Athenian locals. It is a new community marketplace designed to provide visitors with the city experience they would enjoy when shown around by friends, revealing the hidden corners no tourist guide would ever tell them about.

All photos by: Dimitris Polymenopoulos

In their personal profiles, participating locals register the “secrets” they would like to share, ranging from traditional home-made meals, bar hopping, or day trips around the city to olive harvests or wine making – if you happen to be around during the right season! Visitors can contact the local of their choice and, for a small fee, book one or more experiences. The ideal “local” is the one who loves his city and local culture; someone who simply wants to share the passion and meet new people on the way. After all, the aim of the platform is to make travelers leave with unforgettable memories, authentic experiences, and new-found friends!

Fully aware that many people find it hard to trust a stranger, the Dopios team paid a lot of attention to the platform’s security measures, including a “credibility score” based on the completeness of the local’s profile, social media connections and a personal review by the Dopios team.

Dopios kicked off in Athens in the summer of 2012 and is now rapidly expanding to other popular Greek destinations. And the enthusiastic response motivates the team to extend its feelers to other European cities – a lot sooner than they had hoped for!

All photos by: Dimitris Polymenopoulos

For more information, check out the website, the blog or the platform’s Facebook page.

Text by Cristina Ampatzidou

Header image: Dimitris Polymenopoulos