From today’s well-navigated trip to tomorrow’s self-driving car fleets: A state of the art GPS system needs more than a map to transport us safely from point A to point B. They need to know everything about the roads – from that pothole on your way to work, to the randomly placed road island that has to be circumnavigated, to the exact width of that unbelievably narrow street you have to pass.

That information requires the car to have a kind of machine vision, and that vision comes from the collection of vast amounts of road data, which until now was one of the biggest obstacles to getting autonomous cars to be road-ready.

Payver hopes to speed up the process. Through the app, users can opt to earn points for installing a dashboard camera that quietly collects road data while they drive. Pothole? Saw it. Weird street island? Recorded. Narrow street? Measured. Users can then cash in their points for PayPal cash, gift cards, or accessories—a win-win situation.

A penny for your drive

With the knowledge that it took Google several years to map the entire world once over, the value of this kind of crowdsourced information becomes readily apparent: There may be no other way to map all the details of a constantly changing urban streetscape than to document it over and over again. And the more Payver users supply their data, the more trustworthy the information becomes.

Payver not only functions as a data collector, but also allows users to keep records of their own drives in the event of an accident, keep trip logs that come with their own rewards for visiting exciting destinations like national parks, and alert the municipality to any infrastructure problems like broken signs or road damage.

Payver is currently available for iPhone and iPad. Learn more about the app here.

Price: free
System: iOS 10.1 or higher
Size: 43.2 MB