Eat Seasonably is a campaign that is trying to change all that. Eating food in season is, the initiators’ argue, cheaper, better for the environment, and much, much tastier. The organisation also doesn’t just lobby end users, but also caterers and grocery stores, to focus on seasonal fruit and veg.

Moreover, their website lists recipes, tips for leftovers and growing advice. Here’s what you should eat when:

January – Kale and carrots
February – Leeks and cabbage
March – Spring greens
April – Cauliflower
May – Rhubarb and asparagus
June – Peas and strawberries
July – Cherries and cucumber
August – Plums and cos lettuce
September – Courgettes and blackberries
October – Sweetcorn and cox apples
November – Potatoes and red cabbage
December – Brussels sprouts (of course!)

This and more inspiring projects can be found in the print copy of A smart guide to Utopia or the ebook version.