Berlin-based project Culinary Misfits challenges the widespread belief that food is only good if it looks ‘good’ or ‘standard’. Because of their odd size or shapes, misfit fruits and vegetables are normally left behind during harvest or thrown away by retailers, though they are perfectly edible.

by Jochen Voigt

Started in 2012 as a mobile catering service by Lea Emma Rosa Brumsack and Tanja Krakowski, Culinary Misfits explores the intersection of design and sustainability. With a passion for good food, the two trained product designers only use seasonal vegetables and fruits discarded by supermarkets, farmers and restaurants. They collect their unusual ingredients themselves, often through a co-operative system they set up with local organic markets and farmers. These providers sell the intrepid women their abandoned produce at a fair price. Win-win in the truest sense.

In their workshops and courses, the two entrepreneurs resensitize their urban following to the beauty of imperfection and the advantages of locally produced food. Currently the Culinary Misfits is looking for a permanent home to host their workshops, cooking experiments and lectures. We will keep you posted about new developments. But in the mean time, check out their website for scheduled tastings and delicious recipes.