Opposites attract: In March 2002, smart and BRABUS decided to join forces and give the ultimate urban cars the best possible high-end finish. Countless of slinky models, from the smart BRABUS 1st Edition and the coveted tailor made program to the brand new “15th anniversary edition”, have proven them right. So, say hello to the 10 most exciting smart BRABUS creations from the past 15 years.

smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition“

This summer, the exclusive smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition” model marks the preliminary highlight of the thriving smart / BRABUS joint venture. With its individual paint finish in anniversary silver and the exclusive tailor made leather appointments in espresso brown, the model exudes an irresistible blend of sportiness and sophisticated elegance. The limited run of 150 units is available in both coupe and cabrio versions and with a choice of 66 kW (90 hp) and 80 kW (109 hp) turbo engines – or as a fortwo coupe electric drive with a 60 kW (81 hp) electric engine.

smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition“
Limited to 150 units: The smart BRABUS “15th anniversary edition“.

smart BRABUS 1st edition

The dazzling debut of this dynamic collaboration between smart and BRABUS first saw the light of day as a study at the 2002 Geneva Motorshow – followed a mere three months later by an official production run of smart BRABUS 1st edition coupe and cabrio models. To wow the crowds, it boasted a 52 kW (70 hp) performance, a sporty bodywork kit, as well as exclusive leather and carbon interior finishes. Limited to just 500 cars, it soon became a real collector’s item.

smart BRABUS 1st Edition in black
The smart BRABUS 1st edition was available as coupe and cabrio.

smart roadster-coupe BRABUS V6 biturbo

Just a year after their first cooperation, smart, BRABUS, and the Mercedes-Benz engine development team showed us how an über-smart could look – and most of all drive. Their clever combination of two standard three-cylinder turbo engines (each with a displacement of 0.7 liters) in the coupe’s rear gave the car an impressive 125 kW (170 hp) performance and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in under six seconds. Unfortunately for smart fans around the world, this mighty infusion of power remained restricted to just ten sought-after prototypes.

smart roadster coupé BRABUS V6 biturbo in red
170 hp strong: The smart roadster-coupe BRABUS V6 biturbo.

smart BRABUS tailormade by WeSC

A smart BRABUS for our ears: Based on a collaboration with street fashion brand WeSC, 2011 brought us not only the release of a cool smart BRABUS tailormade by WeSC, but also a pair of headphones developed specifically for the smart by WeSC. BRABUS contributed a special exterior finish in matt and shiny gold to this special model, contrasted by the WeSC label’s trademark cross stitching on the interior’s leather seats. The headphones also benefited from the co-brand design, featuring perforated black ear cushions and shiny gold accents.

smart BRABUS tailormade by WeSC
Real street fashion: The smart BRABUS tailormade by WeSC.

smart fortwo BRABUS electric drive

In 2012, this model became the first smart BRABUS powered by an electric drive and a true milestone in the brand’s history: Driven by a lithium-ion battery-powered electric engine, the smart fortwo BRABUS electric drive came with an eye-catching sport chassis with BRABUS Monoblock VII light alloy wheels in five-double-spoke design as well as electric green accents on the otherwise pure black interior and exterior.

smart fortwo BRABUS electric drive in black and electric green
Electrifying debut: The smart fortwo BRABUS electric drive.

smart BRABUS “10th anniversary”

To mark the first ten exceptionally successful years of the smart and BRABUS joint venture, a suitably striking model entered the arena. Limited to just 100 cars, the smart BRABUS “10th anniversary” edition, based on the latest smart fortwo BRABUS production model with 75 kW (102 hp), dazzled with an exterior paint finish in liquid silver, titanium-colored headlights, and striking red BRABUS logos on the front and rear. An additional badge stating the type and serial number underscored the model’s super-special status.

smart BRABUS 10th anniversary edition in liquid silver
Celebrating the 1st decade: The smart BRABUS “10th anniversary“.

smart BRABUS Xclusive red edition

A smart BRABUS sees (jupiter) red: The smart BRABUS Xclusive red edition is all about the hue of a roaring fire or the color of classic sports cars – depending on the way you see it. This extremely limited first BRABUS Xclusive special model was richly equipped to (in- and exterior) perfection. A benefit that didn’t go unnoticed: The “red edition” with its 75 kW turbo engine disappeared just as fast as it zips through the city. Remember: red sells!

smart BRABUS Xclusive red edition
Red, fast, limited: The smart BRABUS Xclusive red edition.

smart BRABUS edition urbanlava

The recent model series, available since 2014, also got plenty of love from smart and BRABUS: Their limited smart BRABUS edition urbanlava, available as a smart fortwo or smart cabrio, not only came in shiny black with customizable color accents as standard, but also featured the BRABUS equipment package, including BRABUS front spoilers, side sills, and rear diffuser. Once inside, all eyes are drawn to details of the exclusive BRABUS tailor made program: think aluminum gear knob and handbrake grip, sports pedals, and stainless-steel door sill plates.

smart BRABUS edition urbanlava
Hot like a volcano: The smart BRABUS edition urbanlava.

smart fortwo cabrio BRABUS edition #2

The smart fortwo cabrio BRABUS edition #2, introduced in spring 2017, is the latest example of the coveted BRABUS small batch runs, invariably limited to just 100 units. On the outside, the model turns heads with its cool silver paint finish and “BRABUS edition #2” lettering in the mirror triangle, its new, 16-inch BRABUS Monoblock VIII light alloy wheels in high-sheen matt anthracite, and its red tritop canvas sunroof. What’s more, the edition #2 interior seduces driver and passenger alike with its sophisticated, color-matched tailor made leather trim.

smart fortwo cabrio BRABUS edition #2
Highly coveted: The smart fortwo cabrio BRABUS edition #2.


smart BRABUS edition asphaltgold

Presented as “Ode to the Road,” smart unveiled the smart BRABUS edition asphaltgold in the summer of 2017. Limited to 500 units, the power pack comes with a matte grey finish and sportive accents that can be chosen in atomic yellow or rec copper matte. The smart BRABUS edition asphaltgold is available as coupé or convertible. Both variants are powered by either a 52 kW (71 PS) or a 66 kW (90 PS) motor. Expect a model with guaranteed street style – due to the cooperation with sneaker store “asphaltgold.” Purchasing the car will also get you the exclusive Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit iD by asphaltgold.

smart BRABUS edition asphaltgold on a street of Frankfurt.
“Ode to the Road“ in matte grey: smart BRABUS edition asphaltgold.