I believe cities play a crucial role in the development of (Western) music. Their environment inspires both musicians and listeners, and usually musicians become known in one city before going international. Music certainly connects individuals, but can it also connect cities worldwide?

Francesco Tristano asks: Can music connect cities?
Fête de la Musique answers: Music accompanies us from early childhood and stays a part of nearly everybody’s life. We grow up with our parents singing to us, and later memories of events, emotions or places are often linked to specific songs. Music certainly has the power to connect band members, audiences, stars and fans. Fête de la Musique uses this power to create one special day around the globe.

The project started in France in 1982 and has since spread around the world. The idea is to create one day to celebrate music together, outdoors, for free and in various cities. Musicians are urged to go outside and play open-air on one day each year. Every June 21st, the official first day of summer, currently more than 340 cities worldwide partake in this non-profit event.

Musicians can share their art. Audiences can wander around, hopping from one location to the next simply following their ears. Bands and solo artists perform everything from Hip Hop to Ska, from Rock to Folk and Electronica. There are no limitations on style or number of participants, everyone can come out to play or drop by to listen. And while strolling along the streets of Paris, you’ll know that in Berlin, New York and Santa Maria de Feira people are doing the same exact thing. By celebrating music and artists in multiple cities on a specific day, Fête de la Musique connects not only the people in one city, but also the participating cities worldwide.