To do that it helps to have a place of tranquility, fit for taking a deep breath, focusing on the center of our being and opening up in order to receive answers. Just like ”hot spots” for the internet all over town, we need ”holy spots” for the sprit.

Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir asks: How will the future urban society be able to find tranquility amidst the rumble?
Jaybo answers: Ever since i was a child i have been fascinated by the theoretical limits of a moment. What started as a vision soon becomes lost in an ammount of futility – leaving sense alone and giving a possibility of a new order.

The creative act is a left over of the human imagination into the ocean of chaos where we are suspended. Confronted with nothing and everything, always and never, all at once. To transcend this situation of permanent evolution in our cities where profit is ruled, it will be important to regenerate ourselves and to escape the pressure of surviving.


I´d love to see some hotspots dedicated to daydreams or a new application which with the help of hypnotical visual elements, will allow to dwell in the subconcious. As i may define happyness it would be a state which is unconcerned by oneself, it will be crucial from time to time to escape yourself.