Get lost in our five best Q&A articles of 2012.

1. Can construction sites be a positive experience for the neighborhood?

View advocate Aimee Mullin’s encouraging question and paper artist Mademoiselle Maurice’s colorful answer here.

2. Where can we create new spaces to take our bikes?

View bike activist Lane Change’s structural question and architect James Ramsey breathtaking answer here.

3. What might help to create a more powerful feeling of oneness in our cities?

View sustainable fashion designer and art director Bruno Pieters’ pervasive question and the HOLI Festival’s spiritual answer here.

4. In crowded cities, how do we create better and more public green space to improve quality of life?

View architectural insider Jill Fehrenbacher’s pertinent question and product designer Matteo Cibic’s out-of-the-box answer here.

5. How can we provide opportunities for kids to make real-life discoveries?

View blogger Jeff Hamada of Booooooom’s proactive question and playground designer MONSTRUM’s adventurous answer here.

What where your favourite articles in 2012?