Working with a wide network of designers, architects, artists, professionals and researchers, each year’s Green Island line-up boasts an impressive schedule of events and projects that focus on a specific theme from the area of sustainability and urban environments. Promoting “The Green Bike – The Dutch Model”, the project’s 2013 edition marks a collaboration with the Dutch embassy and consulate general in Milan.

Green Island Jan Gunneweg bike

Aiming to spread and publicise archetypally Dutch practices and lifestyles across and beyond Milan, it focuses on consistent bicycle use as an alternative means of urban mobility – a habit of great social and ecological importance due to its negligible environmental impact. Thanks to its flat topography and general environmental sensitivity, Milan could become a prime paragon and example of broad bicycle adoption. At the same time, a lot remains to be done on this topic.

Throughout Design Week (9-14 April), The Green Bike has introduced a series of initiatives and activities across the city, all dedicated to the motto “Be Moved By Nature”. Highlights among the many projects on display include, for example, wooden bikes by Dutch designer Jan Gunneweg, a collection of chairs and objects designed by Max Lipsey and made from re-used bicycle frames, some delightful Temporary Trees by Kolk+Kusters as well as beautiful and elaborate plant installations by up-and-coming landscape architects from the Politecnico University who partnered up with Holland’s Flower Council for their project. Furthermore, visitors and locals alike enjoyed a series of inspirational bike tours: Guided by art historians and designers, they discovered many hidden or lesser-known urban gems … and the new essence of Milan.