Gordon Wagener asks: In reference to urban mobility (and Megacities), how will design evolve in the upcoming two decades?
Leif Podhajsky answers: In the upcoming decades design will play key function in a new era of human existence. One in which humans have attained a higher state of awareness, a realization that we are all connected and a want to exist in a free, supportive and sustainable society. A society that places a high value on imagination, science, music and art as a way to move forward as a species and explore both inner and outer space, a place in which we share knowledge and embrace our differences.

In reference to mobility and the way we engage with our environment, our cities will become a product of a world where the monetary system has failed, as this seems to be the only way forward from a flawed ideology that gives nothing of value back to our society. We are witnessing a taste of this failure in our present day and things will only get worse.

We will need design, technology and ideas to break the syntax of this current model to create cities and environments in which humans well-being and not corporations are placed at the top of the chain. We need to see a rise in renewable energies with mass transit networks built to reflect this, the advent use of bikes and bike lanes, more green areas, communal gardens and parks, more ways to diminish waste and recycle, free widespread access to unregulated internet and localized production are just a few things that hopefully will start to change how we interact and live out our lives in the cities of the future.