Gordon Wagener asks: In reference to urban mobility (and Megacities), how will design evolve in the upcoming two decades?
Clemens Baldermann answers: From my point of view as an European there are no large-scale changes in this genres of design in the next two decades. Through the permanent expansion we are going to get a few more possibilities in mobility to move us even more quicker from point A to point B and also point C but we use the same common tools for that. Wheels or rails for example.

The (mega)cities per se are changing their sociographies increasingly rapid. Large multifunctional abstract skyscrapers which spring up like mushrooms, named as stereotype, is not the cityscape respective future design that i imagine in twenty years.

Nevertheless some things are going to change definitely. Hopefully things like extended urban carsharing systems or a gazillion of vertical gardens. More and more mandatory building areas does not mean less green in the cities. Parks and green transform from the horizontal simply into the vertical. My inspiration.

Clemens Baldermann