Gordon Wagener asks: In reference to urban mobility (and Megacities), how will design evolve in the upcoming two decades?
Emilio Gomariz answers: I believe in this day and age we have enough technology to cope with a sustainable and ecological future. Using the benefits of hydrogen, electricity and solar energy as a primary source of generating power.

With the constant and inevitable growth in megacities, the design will focus on integration and adaptation of these megacities around their people. Through a better relationship between both modern means of transport and the environment, a more dynamic and fluid infrastructure will be created.

People make the pace of the city through urban mobility, one of the most important factors which reflects the heartbeat of this metropolis. If you generate a continuous and constant urban flow, the city will keep up with this pace.

The following images schematically illustrate from my point of view the factors that should be taken in to account when designing and promoting the present and future of urban mobility.

1_ Integration and adaptability

A city designed and prepared for the mobility of its inhabitants. Creating an easy, comfortable and practical life.

2_ Variety

A variety of resources and transport options when travelling will generate a faster and more accelerated urban pace.


3_ Organizing and restructuration

A simple and organised environment will create fluid and dynamic mobility.


4_ Rhythm and flow

Rhythm and flow will create a continuous and stable urban environment.