Being so closely connected to this city and an observer of it for so many years I began to wonder how this place will look in a year, in five years or in twenty. To me my city seems to be an ever changing organism. Nothing stays the same for more than a year. But how will these changes effect my own life – our life – here as it is now?

I try to imagine that we are transported 20 years into the future. How will our home look like, our work place, our communication, our mobility, our fashion, our leisure time, our self? Normally we would have this question answered by a scientist or a business man. But instead I asked creative people that I have worked with to create a vision of the future of our urban life.

They all took different elements of our life in the city of the future and visualized them in the form of animated GIFs. This old and technically out-dated file format adds the dimension of time to the still image. A captured moment becomes an animate imprint of time.

1.When our artists took a look into their coffee cup they saw a colorful and surprising future.

“The Untouchables” by Voin de Voin, 2011,

2. Everything that we know will be washed away.

“Dead Hipster” by Clemens Poloczek, 2011,

3.Our homes will not be rooms anymore, but a natural habitat.

“Die Zukunft ist ein heller Raum ohne Wände” by Raphaela Anouk, 2011,

4.Our buildings will turn into living creatures.

“It’s Alive” by iHeartBerlin, 2011,

5. Our communication will not require devices anymore.

“Looking Backward // Moving Forward” by Hara Katsiki, 2011,

6.There will be no limits to our mobility.

“Back to the future” by Malte Jäger, 2011,

7. What used to be digital will become analogue.

“Looking Backward // Moving Forward” by Hara Katsiki, 2011,

8.Our fashion will be beyond tastes and trends.

“Future Body” by Arne Grugel, 2011,

9.The common gender roles will be unified. And our self?

“We will be equal” by Katja Hentschel, 2011,

10. We will not be affected by time anymore.

“Zeitreise” by Oliver Rath, 2001,

11.The future is ours. If we don’t let it pass us by.

“Routine” by Carolin Weinkopf, 2011,

Animated GIFs by: Voin de Voin, Clemens Poloczek, Raphaela Anouk, iHeartBerlin, Hara Katsiki, Malte Jäger, Arne Grugel, Katja Hentschel, Oliver Rath and Carolin Weinkopf. Curated by iHeartBerlin.