The final part of our interview series offers you a glimpse of the work and life of the mysterious mr clement. This extremely shy artist from Hong Kong usually prefers to remain anonymous. At Pictoplasma Berlin, he made a rare exception and treated the attending crowd to a very interesting lecture on his artwork, his toy sculptures, and his most famous character: Petit Lapin. Read on to find out what he has to say about working in public space and the meaning of simplicity in art.

What is your definition of urban art?
Any artwork made with spray paint?! Something colorful and funny, something with sense of humor, but hated by the police? Sorry, I have a hard time with definitions. I really don’t know. Am I doing urban art?

If you could wake up one day as the character of your choice – who would it be?
As the Goddess of Democracy from Hong Kong. Learn more about her story here:

What has been your most interesting encounter or experience when creating art in public space?
I have never encountered or experienced anything interesting when working in public space because I prefer to work alone in a room or studio. I did some live painting on the street a few times, but I hated it. People watching me doing art makes me feel uncomfortable.

From your point of view: How could art and character design change cities and help them to become a better place?
Oh … this is a very big topic! I think good art and good character design makes people happy. Making people happy makes the world a better place. As simple as that. Simplicity and fun are important, because I think it is necessary that people develop a more direct and pure way of understanding and relating to art and the world beyond it. Simplicity also allows artists to break down cultural boundaries.

In which city would you like to live right now and why?
I would love to live in a Japanese city because I like Japanese food a lot!

Interview: Claudio Rimmele
All pictures, incl. the header image, by mr clement