The idea is not just to make food shopping more fun and help time-strapped professionals when it comes to cooking inspiration. This novel way of shopping also avoids wasting unused ingredients and eliminates the need to run from one shop to the next in order to purchase the necessary ingredients. Kochhaus is specifically geared towards regular customers, with the selection of 20 meals changing constantly and the recipes’ difficulty ranging from “easy” to “a small challenge”.

Unlike pre-cooked meals in posh supermarkets, it’s quite affordable, with prices ranging from €1.90 to €9.70 per person per meal (illustrated step-by-step cooking instructions are provided free of charge). And if that weren’t enough, most groceries are organic and locally-grown. We’re just waiting for the global roll-out now.

Kochhaus – Prenzlauer Berg

Schönhauser Allee 46, 10437 Berlin

Kochhaus – Schöneberg

Akazienstraße 1, 10823 Berlin

This and more inspiring projects can be found in the print copy of A smart guide to Utopia or the ebook version.