Rounding out the Kreuzberg leg of the tour was the Anhalter Pharmacy on Yorckstrasse, where the two international pottery powerhouses put on a punk-rock display of pottery, ceramics, and general scented goodness.

Kuehn Keramik

Astier de Villatte’s pieces wear their 18th century influences on their sleeve, with their calling card being pottery crafted from black terracotta clay which come adorned with simple, classically styled motifs. Their high-end catalogue does, however, also extend itself to included furniture, scented candles, and wellness products — examples of which were all on display here.

astier de villatte kühn keramik

Kühn’s high-ceilinged former pharmacy space (replete with old-school, dark-wood apothecary cabinets) was a well-suited stage for both camps’ wares. Just like the ceramics on show, the space itself is a beautiful old form that’s been revamped to appeal to the new generation of design buffs.

ceramics Berlin

Grand surrounds aside, though, the two designers put a tour bus’ worth of products on show: AdV’s scented candles and incense provided ample temptation for the nose, while KK’s Alice in Wonderland-esque metalwork and internet meme-inspired mugs caught the eye.

DMY 2013

It was on the pottery, though, that the spotlight shined brightest, and a peek downstairs to the basement revealed the source of such ceramic wonders: the clay-faced KK team hard at work on some fresh lines.