In this spirit, La Fàbrica’s remodeling, too, followed the rules of sustainability. Bio construction and eco design principles helped to integrate the building into its neighborhood and the city as a whole. Employing only natural or reused materials, the entire renovation process relied on ecological self-sufficiency, using renewable energy and resources during rebuilding and current operations to make the structure is both eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

La Fàbrica del Sol, photo: la Fàbrica del Sol

The 517 m2 building – ground floor and patio – is topped by a generous, green and light-suffused terrace covering a total of 436 m2. Various facilities and gadgets, often interspersed with decorative elements, take pride of place and drive the ‘sun factory’s’ sustainability by collecting rain water, thermal energy, as well as solar and wind power, among others. Other ecological features include a luscious, verdant garden brimming with plants and flowers that help to reduce CO2 emissions as well as suspended insect hotels to tackle the local lack of beneficial insect populations. Systematic management and maintenance turns this edifice into a shining example of the essential tenets of sustainability.

Meanwhile, the educational aspects of La Fàbrica del Sol rely primarily on interaction, use of new technologies, and active involvement. The center also serves as a social megaphone for Barcelona’s main sustainability vectors: green spaces, water and waste cycles, as well as energy and environmental quality management. To this end, the institution is currently planning and designing a program focused on boosting the right values, attitudes, and behaviors to foster responsible consumption among Catalan society. After all, individual and collective commitment are fundamental means to achieve a greener, healthier environment – one perfectly exemplified in this living, breathing space for meeting, exchanging views, and developing new ideas.

Text: Bea Salas (lamono magazine)
Pictures: Maud Sophie Andrieux (lamono magazine)

Header image: La Fàbrica del Sol