Those who passed by Electra House on Rivington Street in the weeks leading up to LDF would have noticed that the 600 square feet of showspace had acquired a fresh coat of paint. The reason? Young product and interior design virtuoso Broom was priming the spot for his first retail space, which is dedicated solely to his collections and adjacent to his design studio.

Lee Broom in Electra House
Lee Broom in Electra House

On the 14th of September, it threw open its doors to reveal a gleaming, neutrally-toned, forward-thinking store. Hardly surprising really, seeing as the man behind it has designed interiors for over 40 shops, restaurants and bars, and been showered with awards galore to boot.

To mark the launch, Broom showcased his striking new light fitting, ‘Carousel’: a 30-bulb strong, gunmetal-finished, illuminating merry-go-round capable of stealing the show in any space. Also specially devised for Electra House’s unveiling was ‘Fulcrum’, a two-piece work of the purest crystal candlesticks that allow blue and yellow beams to filter through them with memorable results.

It wasn’t all about the accessories, though. Furniture from Broom’s new Quilt collection also had pride of place parading in circular motion atop of revolving platforms. It’s a worthy stop off point in East London for any interior design aficionado.

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