Cargo asks: How is it possible to make art affordably accessible to all citizens?
elsewhere factory answers: By choosing an iconic urban space within the avant-garde creative scene, CARGO has made art available to everyone in Rome. With our PATCHBOX project, we have invaded the Pigneto/East-Rome district with an international, dynamic and accessible exhibition project.

The PATCHBOX project exhibits limited edition copies of original artworks from more than 50 selected artists worldwide. Each invited artist sends their digitized works; these are then printed in multiples, numbered and signed by the curators.

For three months, starting May 17, 2012, visitors to CARGO have the opportunity to buy the artworks at the symbolic price of 10 euro each. By buying the artwork and taking their individual prints home, the public collaborates in the constant change of the exhibition, leaving an empty space for 48 hours. Then the next featured artwork, with its accompanying printed and signed editions, will be on display.

These progressive changes are constantly being documented and communicated via the exhibition’s official website and over CARGO’s and elsewhere factory’s social media pages.

At the end of the exhibition, all proceeds collected will be used to produce a catalogue of the project. So after the live exhibition, people can still enjoy the pieces.