The recently published monograph Making now uses his questions to introduce more than 140 of his projects. Chronologically the book describes Heatherwicks work in great detail, illustrates both process and result with plenty of sketches and photographs allowing the readers to really understand his train of thought.

The projects arch from christmas cards and chairs to bridges and skyscrapers, always containing something magical, creating one impressive object after the other.
He designed the `hairy` award-winning UK Pavillion at the Shanghai Expo and recently redesigned Londons famous Routemaster bus. His designs challenge the current status quo and improve both quality of life and urban surroundings.

With Thomas Heatherwick buses exhaust less fumes, posture is improved by chairs and buildings create feelings rather than just rooms.
The british newspaper Guardian recently called him the „Leonardo Da Vinci of our times“ and so it somes as no surprise that Heatherwich has been commissioned to design the Cauldron to hold the Olympic Flame in Londons Olympic Stadium.

Thomas Heatherwick: Making was published by Thames&Hudson